Tart Cherry Juice Benefits

Tart cherries are acidic fruits that can be grouped into amarelle and morello varieties. These cherries are storehouse of essential nutrients that keep the body fit and help it combat ailments naturally. Also known as sour cherries, these fruits have been given the scientific name “Prunus Cerasus.”

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Tart Cherry Juice Health Benefits

Red plump tart cherries can be squeezed to obtain highly nutritious juice having an array of health benefits for humans. For children as well as adults, sour cherry juice can be an effective remedy for a number of disorders. Although not a natural ‘cure’, the sour cherry juice certainly has the power to boost the health by providing relief from various ailments that are damaging for physical wellbeing, such as:



Arthritis is a highly crippling disease which severely hampers normal lifestyle. Consuming tart cherry juice can help keep such diseases at bay. Sour cherries contain anthocyanins which have natural pain- relieving properties. These enable free movement of body organs in arthritic patients. If you are suffering from arthritis and looking for a natural pain-reliever, consult your physician to get expert advice on the correct dosage of this juice.

Muscular Inflammation

Inflammation of muscle, resulting from workouts or excess pressure, can also be effectively treated by drinking tart cherry juice. It is quite effective in relieving pain and swelling resulting from stress on muscles due to sports activities or workouts. According to a medical study, the juice of sour cherries protects the muscles of athletes from injuries during marathons due to the presence of high amounts of antioxidants.


Regular intake of this juice also helps in elimination of excess uric acid which causes gout. Uric acid deposits in joints can result in extremely painful conditions which lead to damages.


As some studies have suggested, tart cherries might also be useful in averting the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Anthocyanins, a type of plant pigments, are one of the important constituents of these cherries and are responsible for lending the dark red color to the fruits. These are believed to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Sour cherries are also considered to be useful in addressing pre-diabetes and many other metabolic syndromes. If consumed with discretion, sour cherry juice can be highly beneficial for improving health. Some manufacturers sell unsweetened tart cherry juice which is supposed to be highly beneficial for diabetics.

Back Pain

Anthocyanins, contained in rich doses in tart cherries, help reduce back pain and inflammation naturally.  When taken in moderate amounts, tart cherry juice can be a very useful remedy for strained back.

Neurodegenerative diseases

Scientists have found these fruits to be a storehouse of nutrients that act as natural healers. Drinking sour cherry juice is believed to be beneficial for slowing down the processes that affect the brain and curing neurodegenerative disorders. Studies in test tubes have ascertained the function of Anthocyanins in protecting neurons by lowering oxidative stress damages. According to some researchers, this juice might be effective in curing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease by repairing the cells that interfere with brain functions.

Sleep disorders

Studies have been conducted to determine the efficacy of tart cherry juice in improving sleep. Results were positive as the substance was found to promote longer and better sleep and also combat insomnia. Researchers have stressed that drinking a glass or two of this fruit juice benefits bad sleep problems. It is the presence of melatonin in tart cherries that does the trick. Consuming this fruit juice is undoubtedly safer than any sleeping pill as natural remedies do not give rise to any side effects.


The juice of Prunus cerasus is also believed to have the potential to remove cancer-causing elements from the body. It is high on antioxidants that are destructive for cancers of prostrate and breast. The presence of more than 15 antioxidants in this fruit juice helps eliminate free radicals from the body and prevent cell damage. The susceptibility to different forms of cancer can be averted to almost 50% with the consumption of this liquid.

Kidney Stones

Calculi or mineral deposits in kidney can be debilitating.  People with kidney stones often resort to natural food to stop the formation of such deposits. The presence of antioxidants, potassium and other chemicals in tangy cherries rid the body of excess uric acid which can develop into calculus. Consumption of the juice of sour cherries also keeps the kidney healthy by maintaining the pH level in the urine.

Pregnancy problems

Drinking tart cherry juice helps improve sleep naturally and is useful in curing sleep disorders that are common in pregnancy. The substance does not result in problems in lactating mothers and is considered to be safe during pregnancy, if taken in moderation. However, one should exercise caution and seek medical help to determine the quantity of its intake during pregnancy.


While ageing is a natural process, drinking juice extracted from tart cherries is believed to be effective in slowing it down significantly.


Intake of tangy cherry juice can counter metabolic syndromes. Studies conducted in this regard suggest that the substance can solve weight issues as it lowers high cholesterol which might cause heart ailments.


The juice of this fruit benefits patients down with Fibromyalgia which is a debilitating and restrictive condition. A medical study has established marginal benefit in patients provided with this natural substance.

The health benefits of tart cherry juice have been validated by the pharmaceutical industry which often uses it in the preparation of cherry syrups and various drugs that taste very bad otherwise. The use of this substance helps reduce the bad taste of these medicines.

Tart cherry juice Side Effects

While sour cherries are otherwise highly beneficial for health, they can give rise to various side effects that may range from moderate to severe.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is one of the common complaints of people who consume this fruit juice. The condition arises due to the sorbitol content in tart cherries. However, it is only mild in nature and nothing to worry about.


Some individuals might suffer from allergies on exposure to certain compounds in this fruit.

Bowel problems

Due to its acidic content, the juice of this fruit might cause loose-motions in some people. This can be fixed by taking the liquid with yoghurt or by changing the time of its intake.

Low blood pressure

It might slightly lower blood pressure due to blood thinning occurring as a result of presence of certain antioxidants.


Higher dose of sour cherry juice can also cause restlessness during sleep in some individuals.

Tart Cherry Juice Nutritional Benefits

100 gm of tart cherries comprise:

It is also a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins which boost the immune system to a great extent. It has much less sugar than sweet cherries. Tart cherry juice concentrates are packed with maximum antioxidants, higher than that of red grapes. It has higher values of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC in it.

Tart cherries have been used in traditional medicine for long. In recent times, their significance has increased due to their proven effects in having a positive impact on health. Free from side effects, the juice of tangy cherries provides optimum health benefits if consumed on a regular basis and in proper doses.

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