Foods High in Vitamin A

Looking for High Vitamin A sources? Read this article to know everything about Foods High In Vitamin A ,Health Benefits & Consuming.

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that acts as a powerful antioxidant too. It offers protection from several diseases and supports healthy skin, immune system and eye health. Vitamin a rich foods, like all other antioxidants is tangled in dropping inflammation through preventing free radical damage. Deficiency of vitamin A can give rise to night blindness and macular degeneration. In addition, it even causes liver disorders, rashes and fat mal-absorption. On the contrary, chronic toxicity can occur if its consumption is in excess.

Natural Sources Of Vitamin A Foods

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Non-vegetarian sources
  4. Dairy products

How Much Should I Consume?

0-6 months400 mcg400 mcg
7-12 months500 mcg500 mcg
1-3 years300 mcg300 mcg
4-8 years400 mcg400 mcg
9-13 years600 mcg600 mcg
14 years and above900 mcg700 mcg

Pregnant women: 770 mcg & Lactating women: 1,300 mcg

Importance Of Consuming Foods High In Vitamin A

  1. Prevents eye health: Vitamin A helps in improving the eyesight and macular degeneration. Beta carotene found in plants helps in curing macular degeneration and age related blindness. Carrots are the most preferred food for good vision.
  2. Provides immune support: Surprisingly, vitamin A helps in boosting your metabolism and even boosts up the immune system. Genes involved in responding to immune system are regulated by this vitamin. It thus plays a vital role in curing cold, flu, preventing against chronic disorders and other immunity disorders.
  3. Prevents cancer: Recent studies have shown that vitamin A supports in preventing against variety of cancers. Similarly, cancers like lung, prostate, bladder, oral and skin can be cured by proper vitamin A intake.
  4. Helps in curing inflammation: Being a rich and powerful antioxidant, the vitamin helps in curing inflammation and diseases related to it. Its antioxidant properties helps in neutralizing free cells and acidity. Inflammation certainly reduces the risk of allergies as it prevents overreaction of the food inside.
  5. Good for skin: Foods rich in vitamin A are used in soaps, face washes and creams, as they facilitate a healthy skin. Adequate intake of this vitamin can help in getting rid of skin disorders such as pimples, uneven skin tone, dark circles, pigmentation and wrinkles. You can simply make natural facemasks from foods rich in the vitamin and get a bloomy skin.

Lists Of Foods That Contain Vitamin A

FoodsMicromilligrams per serving%DV
Vegetables with Vitamin A (per 100gms)
Spinach19,000 IU377%
Kale13,621 IU272%
Carrots17,033 IU341%
Red bell pepper1,800 IU16%
Peas1103.38 IU21%
Sweet potatoes19,218 IU384%
Tomatoes870 IU8%
Fruits High in Vitamin A (100g)
Mangoes1082 IU22%
Papaya1550 IU30%
Peaches489 IU10%
Cantaloupe3382 IU57%
Grapefruit1186.56 IU23%
Other Sources
Whole Milk (200g)68 IU
Dried Apricots (100g)12,669 IU253%
Dried Basil (100g)744 IU15%
Fortified Oatmeal (100g)1453 IU29%
Dried Marjoram (100g)8068 IU161%
Turkey Liver (100g)75,333 IU1507%
Beef liver (100g)16,898 IU338%
Cod liver oil (1tbsp)14,000 IU280%

Vegetables High in Vitamin A

1) Spinach: Spinach is not only rich in vitamin A but also rich in other vitamins like K, C etc. The food is important for your eye, skin and bone health. The Popeye’s favorite food is one of the healthiest foods to cure inflammation as well.

Spinach Vitamin A: 19,000 IU per 100g

2) Kale: This dark green colored veggie and among the best vitamin A food sources, K, and other antioxidants. Being zero in fat content, the food is great to add in your health chart. Moreover, kale reduces inflammation and supports cardiovascular health.

Kale Vitamin A: 13,621 IU per 100g


3) Carrots: Being rich in color, it is even a rich source of vitamins A, K, C and B8. Carrots do wonders to your skin, eye and hair as well. The content of beta carotene makes it a super-food for vitamin A.

Carrots Vitamin A: 17,033 IU per 100g


4) Red bell pepper: The food is even high in vitamin A along with vitamin C due to the presence of good amount of beta carotene. However, this helps in reducing inflammation and supports bone health.

Red bell pepper Vitamin A: 1,800 IU per 100g


5) Peas: Peas are rich in protein, vitamin A and several vitamins. Moreover they help in reducing inflammation, controlling sugar levels, supporting weight loss, preventing premature-aging and healing wounds. Similarly, the levels of beta carotene in this food makes it good for your eyesight and macular degeneration.

Peas Vitamin A: 1103.38 IU per 100g


6) Sweet potatoes: Being an excellent source of vitamin A, sweet potatoes consist of good amount of beta carotene. Therefore, they are used in treating inflammation as they are easy to digest. Along with it, they help in preventing cancer and boosting metabolism.

Sweet potatoes Vitamin A: 19,218 IU per 100g


7) Tomatoes: Featuring in the list of Vitamin A rich vegetables, it helps in flushing out all toxic substances and adds luster to your skin due to its beta carotene content. Moreover, they help in treating certain digestive problems too.

Tomatoes Vitamin A: 870 IU per 100g

Fruits High in Vitamin A

8) Mangoes: ‘The King of fruits’ is one of the richest sources of vitamin A. The vibrant colored food helps in providing bone strength, clearing skin and boosting your metabolism. Along with this, mangoes improve digestion too.

Mangoes Vitamin A: 1082 IU per 100g

9) Papaya: Papayas are fruits that are good sources of vitamin A, vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants. It can help in clearing your skin and adding a new shine to it. Papayas make great facemasks and peels to treat acne and pimples. In addition, the fruit reduces the risk of strokes and supports cardiovascular health.

Papaya Vitamin A: 1550 IU per 100g


10) Peaches: Peaches help in treating cancer, diabetes and skin problems. The mineral rich fruit helps in reducing inflammation. Being low in calories and vitamin A rich fruits, the fruit hits the list for supporting weight loss. Majorly, peaches contributes in treating heart disorders and retinal disorders.

Vitamin A in peaches: 489 IU per 100g


11) Cantaloupe: Cantaloupes are a richest source of vitamin A and this helps in reducing the risk of blood pressure, heart attack and digestion. The fruit also satisfies the level of omega-3 and even acts as a powerful antioxidant. It also helps in refreshing your skin and treating several skin problems.

Cantaloupe Vitamin A: 3382 IU per 100g


12) Grapefruit: Among the top foods for Vitamin A, grapefruit helps in treating cancers, diabetes, constipation, malaria, fatigue, influenza and cardiovascular disorders. Its juice is a great refreshment during hot summer days. Moreover, grapefruit neutralizes excess of acidity as well.

Grapefruit Vitamin A: 1186.56 IU per 100g

Other sources of Vitamin A


13) Whole milk: Whole milk along with other dairy products, mainly skimmed milk is a good source of vitamin A. Regular consumption can contribute in stronger bone health, skin health and weight loss.

Whole milk Vitamin A: 68 IU per 200g

14) Dried Apricots: Dried apricots act as a powerful antioxidant and they help in preventing several cancers, diseases and neutralizing acidity as well. Majorly, they are good for your skin, hair and nails. In addition, they help in treating digestive problems as well.

Dried apricots Vitamin A: 12,669 IU per 100g


15) Dried basil: Dried basil is an extravagant source of vitamin A, the food helps in keeping all the digestive problems away. In addition, it reduces the risk of cancer, controls sugar and blood pressure levels and treats inflammation as well.

Dried basil Vitamin A: 744 IU per 100g


16) Fortified oatmeal: Being rich in vitamins and protein and low in cholesterol, the food helps in boosting metabolism and also gives you half of your daily necessity of vitamin A. It will be a good source for improving vision and helping to toughen the immune system.

Vitamin A in fortified oatmeal: 1453 IU per 100g


17) Dried marjoram: This herb is high in antioxidants and is a good source of vitamin A. Majorly, it helps in curing cold, flu, swollen nose and throat. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining your immunity. In addition, it has great influence on your skin and hair health.

Dried marjoram Vitamin A: 8068 IU per 100g

Non-vegetarian Sources of Vitamin A


18) Turkey liver: Turkey liver is one of the nature’s most concentrated sources of vitamin A. It provides better eye sight and supplies a number of rich antioxidants that boosts metabolism and maintains immunity. It relatively creates an excellent medicine to treat skin problems.

Turkey liver Vitamin A: 75,333 IU per 100 g

19) Beef liver: Beef liver contains a moderate amount of vitamins A and B12, this helps to treat cancer, promotes tissue growth and comparatively provides healthy as well as shiny skin.

Beef liver Vitamin A: 16,898 IU per 100g


20) Cod liver oil: High in antioxidants and a rich source of vitamin D, cod liver oil is relatively full of vitamin A. It is good for maintaining immunity and treating cancer as well. Moreover, it even helps in providing improved eyesight.

Cod liver oil Vitamin A: 14,000 IU per 1 tbsp

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