Sleepytime Tea

Teatime is the time of the day that each one looks forward too. It helps to ease out the stress of the day. Those few minutes with a cup of tea in your hand are a perfect way to boost your energy for the rest of the day. If the tea has herbal and medicinal properties, then it gives you refreshment along with good health.

Sleepytime tea is a caffeine free, naturally produced herbal tea . The main ingredients of this tea are

  • Chamomile
  • Spearmint
  • Lemon grass
  • Tilia flowers
  • Blackberry leaves
  • Orange blossoms
  • Haw thorn
  • Rosebuds

The company takes utmost care to make this bedtime tea a refreshing and healthy blend that is free from caffeine. It is also perfect for all you weight conscious people as the number of calories per tea bag are zero. The ingredients are all very helpful for good health of the body but we must remember that over consumption of anything is harmful. These days people are very aware of the ingredients of any particular item before buying them. Here are the health benefits and other details like side effects about the ingredients. You will benefit by reading this and it will make you feel more confident about buying Sleepytime Tea.

Sleepytime Tea

Benefits and Side Effects of Sleepytime Tea

Here are some of the benefits and side effects of the ingredients of Sleepytime Tea. You can read them and decide for yourself whether or not the product is suitable for your use. Each ingredient has been discussed in detail below.

(1)Spearmint leaves:

Benefits: Spearmint leaves have a minty refreshing taste and are very healthy for both adults and children as they aid the process of digestion. It helps to minimize nausea and can be the perfect solution to the morning sickness of pregnant ladies. Spearmint contains menthol which is a natural breath freshener and leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. It can also be used to cure a cold. Leaves of spearmint have a soothing property and are also used to reduce stress and tension. Research has shown that it can also be used to treat depression and it can act in your favor.

Side effects: Spearmint leaves have a lot of benefits but excess of anything can be harmful. Spearmint is a natural product but it may have interactions with some of the medications you are taking. Excessive amounts are known to affect the kidneys and slow down their action and cause water retention. It can also lead to swelling of brain tissues.

(2)Blackberry Leaves:

Benefits: Blackberry leaves are very effective in relieving the symptoms of diarrhea. It has an anti inflammatory action and so it can help to heal the sores and ulcers of the mouth and throat. The healing properties of blackberry leaves may also help to reduce inflammation of intestines. Intestinal ulcers also seem to benefit from blackberry leaves.

Side effects: It is taken for a very long duration then it can lead to liver damage. Large amounts of it can also lead to the onset of diarrhea. So it must be taken after consultation with the doctor.

(3)Chamomile flowers:

Benefits: Chamomile flowers are a very important and strong ingredient of Sleepytime Tea and it helps to improve the persons sleep. It calms you down and helps to sleep better. It is being used for this reason since many years. It has anti bacterial properties because of which it helps to fights colds and boost the immune system. The flowers of chamomile were used in olden days to relieve menstrual cramps. It can correct stomach indigestions and heal stomach indigestions. It is one of the best ingredient of this Sleepytime Tea.

Side effects: Chamomile has been known to be associated with allergic reactions. It has an action on the uterine smooth muscle and can cause abortions. It induces sleep and can make you drowsy so you must take care if you are planning to drive a car after having the tea. Chamomile contains Coumarin which increases blood flow in the body and puts you at a higher risk for bleeding.

(4) Lemon grass:

Benefits: Lemon grass is a very common ingredient of herbal tea. It is very calming and helps you to de stress. It has a soothing taste and flavor. It helps to improve the digestion and also reduces cholesterol. It is one of the healthiest ingredients of herbal tea. By virtue of its anti bacterial properties, it helps you to fight of minor colds. It helps to strengthen the immune system. Like chamomile flowers, it also has a property to relieve menstrual cramps.

Side Effects: Since it has an action on the uterine smooth muscle, pregnant ladies should take it with due caution as it can increase the risk of a miscarriage in the early weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes it may lead to allergic reactions. Most of the reactions are basically related to the respiratory system.

(5)Tilia flowers:

Benefits: Tilia flowers are lime tree flowers and they have antibacterial actions and so they help to boost the immunity and makes the body stronger in fighting back infections. Tilia flowers have a soothing effect and are used to treat anxiety and stress. Muscular contractions are reduced under the effects of tilia leaves in Sleepytime tea. Tilia flowers have properties that can keep the throat and intestines healthy as it can reduce inflammation in many parts of the body. It also has an anti anxiety effect.

Side effects: It is not common and is rarely seen that the heart muscles get damaged because of having too much tilia flowers in Sleeptime Tea.

(6)Hawthorn berries:

Benefits: There are many health benefits of hawthorn berries. The most important benefit of these berries is that they make the cardiac muscle stronger. They also have anti inflammatory action and help to reduce blood pressure. It has very strong anti inflammatory properties and also helps to control high blood pressure.

Side effects: Hawthorn berries are a completely natural ingredient. At times it has been known to cause vomiting and nausea. It can at times cause dizziness or headache if you are not used to having hawthorn in your tea. Pregnant women should be very cautious when having the tea. Excessive sweating can occur due to the effects of these berries. This tea is taken mostly at night to induce a calm sleep.

(7)Rose buds:

Benefits: Rose buds have a calming effect on the body and they help to improve digestion. They are known to be very effective in relieving anxiety and fighting depression. Vitamin C levels are very high in rose buds and they give your skin a radiant glow. The Vitamin C helps to absorb iron more effectively in the body and also boosts the immunity. It is known to contain 50% of vitamin C and so it is a very useful ingredient of the tea. It also contains anti oxidants that help fight cancer. Another important extract in rose buds is catechin polyphenol which strongly resists the cancer cells from growing in the body. So it a very valid and important part of the Sleepytime Tea.

Side effects: There are no known side effects of the rosebuds used here but it may occasionally lead to headaches and heartburn like symptoms.

(8)Orange blossoms:

Benefits: Orange blossoms have been used since a very long time to fight anxiety and depression as they tend to reduce problems like insomnia. It also helps to clean the intestines and promote healthy bowel movements.

Side effects: Excessive amounts can lead to side effects and so you should stop taking it and see your doctor.


The best time to take the tea is at night as it helps to calm you down and also helps to sleep better. This herbal tea is prepared with utmost care to suit all types of tastes. The calories in it are zero and it is totally free from caffeine.

If after having the tea, you notice at any time that you are having side effects due to any of the ingredients then you should immediately stop taking the tea and consult your doctor. You could be sensitive to any of the ingredients. Taking anything in excess also has its share of side effects so you must follow the rule of moderation. Pregnant ladies must have this tea with caution as some of the ingredients are known to have any action on the uterine muscles and can induce contractions. You must check with your doctor before taking it.

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