Foods High in Selenium

Looking for High Selenium sources? Read this article to know everything about Foods High In Selenium ,Health Benefits & Consuming.

What is Selenium ?

Selenium is a mineral found in different concentrations in the soil and even appears in certain foods and a little amount in water. Selenium rich foods create a powerful combination of antioxidants when combined with vitamin E. Its great antioxidant properties provides you a healthier metabolism. Moreover, selenium deficiency can give rise to various chronic diseases and skin disorders.

Sources of High Selenium Foods

Basically, sources of selenium depends on its content in the soil where the food is grown. There are certain vegetarian and non – vegetarian sources which contain selenium naturally.

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Sea food
  4. Nuts and seeds
  5. Whole grain

How Much Natural Selenium Should I Consume?

Age GroupRDA
Infants (0-3 years)15-20 µg
Children (4-13 years)20-55 µg
Adults (14 and above)55 µg
Pregnant60 µg

Importance Of Selenium In Your Diet

Although RDA of selenium is not high, the mineral plays vital roles in the proper functioning of the body system. Here are the following key benefits:

  1. Acts as an antioxidant:  Free radicals can deteriorate or kill cells in every organ system, so the antioxidant properties of selenium being dynamic protects the body in far more ways than prevention of skin disorders. Free radicals often result in heart diseases, kidney failure, digestive concerns, metabolic syndrome, hormonal disparity, and untimely aging. Selenium turns as an antioxidant and excites the creation of more antioxidants!
  2. Fights against cancer: Intake of this mineral can act as a fighter against cancer cells. Moreover, it is specialized in treating cancers like breast, lung, esophageal, gastric and prostate. It even plays a good role to treat cancers related to gall bladder.
  3. Boosts immunity: Our efficiency to work is determined by the functioning of our immune system, so it’s very important for you to pay heed on your immunity. Selenium lifts the efficiency of white blood cells and aides our bodies to remain healthy and virus free. Also, consumption of selenium helps your body to fight from various seasonal illnesses.
  4. Regulates thyroid function: Selenium helps in maintaining thyroid related hormones. It is an essential element to transform thyroid hormones from (T4) to (T3). This is supportive for proper body functioning.
  5. Reduces asthma symptoms: Thyroid problems seen in pregnant mother may lead to asthma problems to the fetal baby. Intake of selenium rich foods by the mother may reduce such symptoms and provide better immunity to the young one as well.
  6. The secret to your natural beauty: Selenium can be the magical ingredient behind your flawless and spot free skin. The top-secret to healthy hair and nails is the mineral itself.

List of 20 Foods High In Selenium

What foods are high in selenium? Here’s the list of foods high in selenium for you:

Selenium Food SourcesMicro-milligrams per serving
Vegetables High in Selenium (per cup)
Spinach11 mcg
Broccoli & cabbage2.3 mcg
Mushrooms8-22 mcg
Onions0.8 mcg
Soybeans7.3 mcg
Carrots1.1 mcg
Asparagus2.3 mcg
Fruits Rich in Selenium (per cup)
Raisins1.0 mcg
Berries1.2 mcg
Bananas3.1 mcg
High Selenium Nuts and seeds
Brazil nuts (per ounce)544 mcg
Peanut butter (100 g)8.2 mcg
Non vegetarian sources
Egg yolk (per 1)15 mcg
Pork (100 g)51.6 mcg
Chicken and turkey (100 g)37.8 mcg
Beef and lamb (100 g)44.8 mcg
Sea food
Caviar (100 g)65.5 mcg
Oysters (100 g)154 mcg
Tuna (100 g)108.2 mcg

Vegetables High in Selenium

1) Spinach: Frozen cooked spinach is considered to be an exceptional source of selenium. Also rich in protein and vitamin A, this veggie is great in preventing chronic diseases due to the presence of this mineral.

Spinach selenium: 11 mcg per cup

2) Broccoli: Another vegetable high in selenium, it comes with some extravagant properties providing beauty benefits, better immunity and good health.

Broccoli selenium: 2.3 mcg per 1 cup

3) Mushrooms: Mushrooms are on the top of this list as they are the best vegetarian sources for selenium. Shiitakes and white buttoned mushrooms are preferably richer source of this mineral. Moreover, these mushrooms help in fighting the body cells against cancer and chronic disorders.

Mushrooms selenium: 8-22 mcg per 1 cup

4) Onions: With the antioxidants present in the food, onions promise for a better cardiovascular health. The selenium content in the food makes it an ingredient to solve problems related to eyes, skin and hair. Numerous servings of onion each week may be appropriate to statistically lessen your risk of some types of cancer.

Selenium in onions: 0.8 mcg per 1 cup

5) Soybeans: Apart from being a protein rich food, soybean is also a nutritious source of selenium for all the vegetarians. No doubt, this food does wonders on your hormonal levels it is also a remedial source for chronic diseases and asthma symptoms.

Soybeans selenium: 7.3 mcg per 1 cup


6) Carrots: The vitamin A rich crunchy food is also a foundation of selenium. Its beneficial properties include improved vision, cancer prevention, anti-aging, and a healthy heart. Moreover, the food also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Selenium in carrots: 1.1 mcg per 1 cup

7) Asparagus: The vegetable is treasured with minerals like selenium, zinc, manganese and potassium. Being less in sodium and cholesterol content, it is rich in fibers which are essential for the digestive system. It even acts as a rich antioxidant combining with selenium and several vitamins, which acts as a curable source for numerous chronic diseases.

Asparagus selenium: 2.3 mcg per 1 cup

Fruits High In Selenium

8) Raisins: A trickle of seedless raisins can serve as a sweet fruit serving that is a decent source of selenium. They make a fertile snack, but might even be added to different recipes to upturn the nutrition value while boosting the taste too. Stir the raisins in any bread or muffin recipe or simply add as your favorite toppings.

Selenium in raisins: 1.0 mcg per 1 cup

9) Berries: While berries do not contain high amount of selenium per serving as other fruits, they contain extra of this mineral than most fruit. Use berries to make wholesome jams and jellies, add to plain yogurt or pool several varieties for a healthy fruit salad. Among all, gooseberries and rasp berries contain comparatively good amount of selenium.

Selenium in berries: 1.2 mcg per 1 cup

10) Bananas: A readily and easily available fruit, bananas are also a strong source of selenium. You can add a banana to the breakfast in a simple way to acquire a little more of selenium in your diet. Cut a banana in half and the spread on peanut butter to have a food that stores a good amount of selenium.

Bananas selenium: 3.1 mcg per 1 cup

Nuts And Seeds High in Selenium

11) Brazil nuts: Brazil nuts selenium content is probably the highest in any food and they are the best option for an ideal health. Various minerals including selenium, make this food a medicinal ingredient for treating cancers, boosting metabolism and even helps in keeping your nervous system strong.

Brazil nuts selenium: 544 mcg per ounce

12) Peanut butter: The delicious substitute is famous for its protein content, but along with that the food even contributes to your cardiovascular health and immunity. Helping in treating many disorders including chronic diseases is only possible because of the high selenium content present in it.

Peanut butter selenium: 8.2 mcg per 100 g

Non-Vegetarian Foods High In Selenium

13) Egg yolks: Egg yolks are an inexpensive source of high protein and selenium. Apart from proteins, the selenium present in the whites offers great remedies for skin issues, heart diseases and asthma problems.

Egg yolks selenium: 15 mcg per 1 each

14) Pork: Pork is high in several minerals and vitamins. The food is normally a rich source of selenium and helps in maintaining the digestive and nervous system. Along with that, it contains other minerals which act as an antioxidant and provides better immunity.

Selenium in pork: 51.6 mcg  per 100 g

15) Turkey breast: The skinless food is rich in fat and high in selenium content. Moreover, it is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism and speeds up your immune system and acts as an antioxidant to certain diseases.

Selenium in turkey breast: 37.8 mcg per 100 g

16) Chicken breast: Chicken, the powerhouse of protein is also a rich in variety of minerals. Selenium is one of them that is considerably useful in controlling blood pressure, strokes and even boosts your metabolism and immunity.

Selenium in chicken: 37.8 mcg per 100 g

17) Beef and lamb: The baby meat is not only rich in protein but also rich in various minerals, including, iron, selenium and zinc. Intake of this food will help you in improving functioning of your overall system.

Selenium in beef and lamb: 44.8 mcg per 100 g

18) Caviar: Presence of selenium promotes strong bones, teeth and healthy immune system. Precisely, the seafood helps in curing chronic diseases and even boosts your metabolism.

Selenium in caviar: 65.5 mcg per 100 g 

20) Oysters: The seafood is one of the best sources of selenium and it is even packed with several minerals and vitamins. Its antioxidant properties and mineral content helps in leveling your energy and speeds up the growth and development of your body.

Selenium in oysters: 154 mcg per 100 g

19) Tuna: The omega 3 rich food helps in providing better eyesight, helps in lowering cholesterol and even promotes growth of muscles. Along with that, Selenium nourishes your skin, promotes a healthy immune system and fights severe health problems.

Tuna selenium: 108.2 mcg per 100 g
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