Foods High in Vitamin E

Looking for High Vitamin E sources? Read this article to know everything about Foods High In Vitamin E ,Health Benefits & Consuming.

What is Vitamin E ?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in protecting the wear and tear of tissues and cells in the body. It is also known as tocopherol or alpha-tocopherol which is mostly found in plant and vegetable oils. It is a fat soluble compound that is important for the body to prevent breakdown and infertility of muscles.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

This vitamin helps in providing protection against several cardiovascular and digestive illnesses. Here is the list of common Vitamin E food sources:

  1. Vegetarian sources (green leafy vegetables, sweet potato)
  2. Fruits (papaya, mango)
  3. Nuts and Seeds

How much Vitamin E should I consume?

1-3 years6 mg6 mg
4-8 years7 mg7 mg
9-13 years11 mg11 mg
14 years & above15 mg15 mg

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for pregnant woman is 15mg/day and for lactating women it is 19mg/day

Vitamin E Health Benefits

Some common benefits of Vitamin E are:

  1. Prevents brain disorders: It can also be considered as a brain food, as it nourishes your nervous system and helps in circulating blood in your nerves as well. Vitamin E deficiency often leads to brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  2. Provides beauty to your skin: It is considered to be the best source for any type of skin. High Vitamin E foods for skin can be a great natural moisturizer and promote healthy skin. In addition, they add strength, thickness and glow to your hair. They can also strengthen your nails.
  3. Reduces the risk of cancers: The risk of cancer can be minimized to a certain level by recommended intake of vitamin E. Majorly, it provides protection against prostate, colon and breast cancers.
  4. Safeguards your immune system: You can also consume foods with Vitamin E for boosting your immune system and increasing efficiency at work. Along with this, they help in providing fertility to men, support healthy kidney and facilitates proper liver functioning. With adequate intake of vitamin E rich foods, people can stay protected against cardiovascular and digestive problems.
  5. Protects from damages: Its antioxidant rich properties, help in providing healthier muscles and tissues. Apart from this, deficiency of the vitamin may lead to several reproduction disorders.

List of Foods High in Vitamin E

FoodMilligrams per serving%DV (Percent Daily Value)
Vegetarian Foods with Vitamin E
Spinach (1 bunch)6.9 mg26%
Kale (100g)1.54 mg7%
Parsley (100g)0.75 mg4%
Broccoli (1 cup)0.7 mg4%
Cabbage (100g)0.15 mg8%
Turnip green (1 cup)1.6 mg10%
Fruits Rich in Vitamin E
Papayas (100 g)0.3 mg2%
Mango (1 cup)1.8 mg9%
Kiwi (1 cup)2.6 mg13%
Avocado (50g)1 mg6.5%
Tomatoes (1 cup)0.97 mg6%
Nuts & Seeds High In Vitamin E
Sunflower seeds (1/4 cup)15.3 mg76%
Sesame seeds (1 cup)0.4 mg2%
Hazelnuts (1 cup)17.3 mg86%
Pistachios (1 cup)2.4 mg12%
Almonds (100g)25.63 mg171%
Non-Vegetarian Vitamin E sources
Eggs (50g)0.87 mg6%
Cod liver oil (1 tbsp)NANA
Other Sources of Vitamin E
Aloe VeraNANA
Red chili & paprika (100g)0.69 mg4.5%
Wheat germ oil (1tbsp)4.53 mg26%
Dried basil (100g)10.70mg70%

Vegetables High Vitamin E

1) Spinach: It consists of all vital nutrients including vitamin E. Regular consumption can help in preventing cancer and boosting immunity.

Spinach Vitamin E: 6.9 mg per 1 bunch

2) Kale: High in several vital nutrients, Kale is another vegetable rich in vitamin E. Kale’s rich antioxidant properties are suitable to boost your metabolism and promote the production of RBC’s. It can also be a great food when on a weight loss program.

Kale Vitamin E: 1.54 mg per 100 g

3) Parsley: Parsley can be a great source for production of blood and can offer protection against digestive disorders. Along with it, it is handy to weight loss.

Parsley Vitamin E: 0.75 mg per 100 g

4) Broccoli: Well-neigh adds lot nutrients to your body all together. It is an excellent source of vitamin E which helps in boosting your immunity, prevents cancer and detoxifies your body which helps in adding glow to your skin.

Broccoli Vitamin E: 0.7 mg per 1 cup

5) Cabbage: High in vitamin E, it can be great for your skin and help in taming immunity. In addition, the food is known for several other nutrients as well.

Cabbage Vitamin E: 0.15 mg per 100 g

6) Turnip Green: Although these vegetables are bitter to taste, they are highly rich in antioxidants and various other vital nutrients. Along with it, they are rich in vitamin E that helps in preventing diseases like anemia and supports healthy cardiovascular system.

Turnip green Vitamin E: 1.6 mg per 1 cup


Mustard greensSwiss chardSweet potato

Fruits High in Vitamin E

7) Papayas: They even provide great amount of vitamin E. They are good for the skin and aids in weight loss as well as tissue repair.

Papayas Vitamin E: 0.3 mg per 100 g

8) Mango: It features among the popular fruits containing Vitamin E. Besides being a popular food for its sweet taste, it can enhance your skin radiance, improve vision and support good digestion.

Mango Vitamin E: 1.8 mg per 1 cup

9) Kiwi: Vitamin E rich fruits like Kiwi provides great benefits to the skin, heart, eye, bones and the digestive system. Moreover, it promotes strong immunity and offers protection against cancerous cells.

Kiwi Vitamin E: 2.6 mg per 1 cup

10) Avocado: Avocados in addition with antioxidants provide healthy advantages to the skin, immune system and cells of your body.

Avocado Vitamin E: 1 mg per 50 g

11) Tomatoes: Call it a fruit or a veggie, its rich antioxidant properties and presence of vitamin E helps in preventing breast cancer and improves the stomach health.


Tomatoes Vitamin E: 0.97 mg per 1 cup

Nuts & Seeds Rich in Vitamin E

12) Sunflower seeds: A quarter cup of sunflower seeds can complete your vitamin E requirement of about 90.5%. Its numerous benefits include stronger bone health, mental health and prevention from skin diseases.

Sunflower seeds Vitamin E: 15.3 mg per 1/4 cup

13) Pumpkin seeds: The presence of vitamin E in pumpkin seeds, supports healthy and proper kidney and liver functioning. Similarly, it boosts your immune system and provides protection against various diseases.

14) Sesame Seeds: Great for prevent breast, prostate and colon cancers, regular consumption supports better digestive system and improves bone health too.

Sesame seeds Vitamin E: 0.4 mg per 1 cup

15) Hazelnuts: A rich source of vitamin E, it promotes healthy nails, skin and hair. Its everyday consumption can help in adding luster to your skin.

Hazelnuts Vitamin E: 17.3 mg per 1 cup

16) Pistachios: The health benefits of pistachios include improved digestion, effective weight loss and prevents against several diseases such as diabetes. Vitamin E present in the food promotes beauty to your skin.

Pistachios Vitamin E: 2.4 mg per 1 cup

17) Almonds: Talking about vitamin E, almonds are the first choice of nuts that comes in our mind. This super-food is good for your digestive problems, can maintain healthy heart and supply power to your nervous system.

Vitamin E in almonds: 25.63 mg per 100 g


PeanutDried apricots

Non-vegetarian Foods that Contain Vitamin E

18) Eggs: Nature’s multivitamin, eggs support healthy bones and skin due to its decent content of vitamin E. it is recommended to have eggs every day to provide immune support to your body.

Vitamin E in eggs: 0.87 mg per 100 g

19) Cod liver oil: Cod liver oil contains moderate amounts of vitamin E and supports healthy heart, improves vision and maintains a disease free body.

Cod liver oil Vitamin E 

Other Good Sources of Vitamin E

20) Aloe Vera: Being an exclusive source of vitamin E, Aloe Vera is beneficial to your skin, hair and nails. It can be directly applied to your skin to provide healing and calming benefits. Its juice can even help in providing benefits to your digestive system.

Aloe Vera Vitamin E

21) Red chili & paprika: A great addition to your cuisines, red chili contains a good amount of vitamin E. Moderated intake can offer better skin health and protect from digestive problems.

Paprika Vitamin E: 0.69 mg per 100 g

22) Wheat germ oil: These provide better immunity, protect against digestive problems and cancers. A single tablespoon of this high vitamin E oil can take care of your RDA.

Wheat germ oil Vitamin E: 4.53 mg per 1 tbsp

23) Dried basil: The herb has numerous nutrients including vitamin E. It helps to combat with cancer cells and also solves all your digestive problems.

Dried basil Vitamin E: 10.70mg per 100 g


Dried oreganoPalm oilOlive oil
Taro rootRed bell peppersMargarine
LilyButternut squashLean meat

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