GM Diet

This 7-days diet plan, The GM Diet is the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight!

GM Diet or General Motors Diet was introduced by General Motors’ employees to promote a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight, but now, anyone can follow it to lose some quick pounds. It involves keeping a strict tab on what you consume. It does take a lot of will power to actually follow it and benefit from it as it is a 7-day plan which has to be religiously followed. For each day, it is essential that lots and lots of water is to be consumed.

The initial 2 days will be difficult, but once you get to day 3, your body will get the hang of it and you’ll not have urges to eat junk food. Here’s the breakdown of each day of the week.

GM Diet – How Does it Work?

Day 1 (Fruits only):

Apart from mangoes, grapes, bananas and litchis, you can eat as many fruits in as many quantities you want, as many times during the day. You can always eat fruits like lime, melons, apples, strawberries, pomegranate, watermelon, etc.

Day 2 (Vegetables only):

Have a boiled potato with 1 table spoon butter in the morning. For the remaining part of the day, eat as many vegetables as you want, but make sure they are either raw or boiled. In short, don’t consume any oil; add seasonings like oregano or basil. Go for vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, carrot, etc; do not use any amount of oil. It is important here to note that only 1 potato can be had in the morning.

Day 3 (Combination of Day 1 & 2):

Combine both the days and eat as many fruits and vegetables you want, just like the previous 2 days. Avoid potatoes and bananas. Pick your favorite fruits and vegetables so that it’s fun for you. Eat till you’re full, but remember, you can’t add oil.

Day 4 (Milk and bananas):

This is going to be a bit easier than the earlier days. You can have 4 milk glasses and 6 bananas on day 4. So far, your body’s salt intake has reduced and so bananas will as potassium and sodium source, which is why, eating bananas won’t add any weight to your body. At the end of this day, you can have a vegetable soup as well.
Soup recipe: To make the soup, boil chicken stock, a cabbage, 6 onions, tomatoes, garlic, celery and 2 green peppers together, puree and season with herbs. Easy peasy and yummy!

Day 5 (Tomatoes and beef):

You can have 6 tomatoes along with 10 oz. beef helpings in patty forms. Make sure you drink a lot of water for proper uric acid formation since you’re consuming beef.. Tomatoes will act as a fiber source and the beef will provide protein and iron to the body.

Day 6 (Similar to Day 5):

Day 6 is the same as Day 5, but the only change is that you have to replace tomatoes with other vegetables. You can always have the GM Diet wonder soup.

Day 7 (Miscellaneous):

Since you have come so far, you can treat yourself with a fruit juice, a brown rice bowl and a vegetable you like. You should be proud of yourself for making this far and this is a well deserved treat!

However, when you’re following the GM Diet, there are some important things you need to keep in mind and follow strictly:

  1. Consult a dietician or a doctor before you start. It’s important and you can’t just randomly start doing it.
  2. No fruit juice (except Day 7), coffee, tea or alcohol to be consumed while you’re on GM Diet.
  3. Make sure you drink 12-15 glasses of water daily to maintain your metabolism and to keep yourself hydrated. In fact, this is one of the most important aspect of GM Diet that you need to take care of.
  4. Black coffee or black tea without sugar can be consumed during GM Diet. You can also have lime water.
  5. Every alternate day, you can work out for 45 minutes for better results and more weight loss.
  6. Smoking and drinking is a big no.

Now that you’re thorough with how to go about following the GM Diet and what all things you need to care about, it’s time to understand the benefits your body will have by following the GM Diet. The prime objective is obviously to achieve fitness and good health. It boosts your confidence to keep consuming a healthier diet.

  • Helps improve our digestive system.
  • Helps body to produce more energy and thereby proves to be a boon to keeping healthy.
  • Post diet, you can lose from 10-17 lbs. Once you have lost the weight, you become healthier and can work on bringing your body back to its shape.
  • GM Diet also helps treating obesity.
  • You can lose about 2 pounds every day, but it completely depends on the kind of vegetables and fruits you consume. Quite understandably, the ones in rich in water are more helpful in losing weight.
  • You can feel a natural glow on your skin and there is an apparent loss from your tummy flabs.
  • Moreover, GM Diet also acts a detox tour since it will help your body remove toxins to make you feel healthier, happier and lighter.

Having said that, there are certain instances for which you cannot follow the GM Diet, like:

  • At times, GM Diet is referred to as a fad because you are required to follow a strict diet for losing weight quickly. However, when you’re not following the diet, it’s easy to gain it all back. Fad diets lead to nutritional deficiencies. You can suffer from the same for GM Diet as well.
  • If you’re pregnant, do not follow it.
  • In case you have a history of any kind of health problems, avoid it.
  • It is important to consult a doctor or a dietician before starting it since GM Diet might have some side effects.
  • Nutritional deficiencies mean long-term problems. Moreover, weight loss is never permanent.

In conclusion, if you are obese or over weight and aim for losing weight over a short span of time, GM Diet should work perfectly for you, since it’s just a 7 days plan. Even though it’s hard and does take a lot of will power, if you are strong enough, you can achieve it. It is also one of the healthiest diet plans out there. What is important here to note is that if you do lose weight successfully, make sure to not get back to your old dietary habits, because you can get it all back in a jiffy. A strong will power and an understanding of how good health is important for your body should help you through this. For losing more weight, you can always follow the 7 day GM Diet plan, but the only thing to take care about here is that you need to keep a gap of 3 to 4 days between every time you take it up!

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