Foods High in Sodium

Looking for high Sodium sources? Read this article to know everything about Foods High In Sodium ,Health Benefits & Consuming.

Table salt is regarded as the primary source of sodium. However, sodium is also naturally available in several food items. It is primarily responsible for maintaining fluid balance in the human body and also regulates blood pressure and blood volumes. Although, our body needs a certain level of sodium, high sodium intake can lead to increased blood pressure and may result in fluid retention.

Foods High in Sodium

Sources of Foods High In Sodium

  1. Meats, Poultry, Fish, Legumes, and Eggs
  2. Nuts
  3. Dairy Products
  4. Breads, Grains and Cereals
  5. Vegetables & Fruits
  6. Soups
  7. Fats, Desserts & Sweets

How Much Sodium Should I Take?

As per major health organizations, the RDA of sodium in food is as follows:

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):2300 mg
American Heart Association (AHA)1500 mg
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)1500-2300 mg
American Diabetes Association (ADA)1500-2300 mg

As per research, it is estimated that average intake of sodium in diet across USA stands at 3400 mg which is way above the recommended standards. One should ensure limiting sodium in their diet and try to keep the levels below 2400 mg per day.

Importance of Including Foods with Sodium in Your Diet

Effects of Low Sodium Intake:

  1. Can increase LDL (bad cholesterol) by 4.6% approximately
  2. Can increase in triglycerides by 5.9%
  3. Cause insulin levels to rise resulting in obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  4. Reduce hyponatremia in athletes

On the contrary a reduction in sodium intake helps in lowering blood pressure.

List of High Sodium Foods

FoodsMilligrams per serving%DV
Table Salt (1tbs)2325 mg97%
Dairy Foods with High Sodium
Buttermilk (per ounce)400 mg16.5%
Roquefort (per ounce)507 mg21%

Vegetables High in Sodium

Tomato Juice (per 8 ounce)700 mg29%
Swiss chard (100gm)213 mg9%
Artichokes (100gm)94 mg4%
Spinach (100gm)79 mg3.25%

Fruits High in Sodium

Beet Greens (100gm)78 mg3.25
Olives (100gm)735 mg30.50%
Pumpkin Seeds (per ounce)711 mg30%
Cucumber (Pickle 65g)785 mg33%
Soy Sauce (1 tbsp)409 mg17%
Mustard 1,135 mg ~60%
Tortilla (6-inches)200 mg8.5%
Cornflakes (one cup)200 mg8.5%

Non-Vegetarian Foods High in Sodium

Bacon (100gm)1,717 mg7%
Shrimps (100gm)111 mg4.75%
Beef Jerky (100gm)2,081 mg87%
Oyster (100gm)417 mg17.4%

1) Table Salt: Low-salt diet increases insulin resistance, whereby table salt can control blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity. It also acts as a natural antihistamine that can prevent allergic reactions or an asthma attack. Other benefits include maintenance of proper pH levels, lowering of adrenaline spikes, improving sleep quality and encouraging healthy weight gain. Similar benefits can be derived from Soda and Baking Powder.

How much sodium is in salt ? 2325 mg Per 1 tbs

Dairy Products

2)Buttermilk: A moderated intake of buttermilk can help in treating low blood pressure. A cup of buttermilk can offer about 466 milligrams or 20% of the daily sodium intake.

Sodium In Buttermilk


3)Roquefort: Consumption of Roquefort can help in boosting the immune system. It offers a range of essential minerals and vitamins which includes Sodium, Zinc, and Potassium. It hence proves to be pretty effective for preventing diseases caused due to weak immune system.

Roquefort -High In Sodium

Veggies High in Sodium

4)Tomato Juice: Intake of tomato juice also supplies a good amount of Sodium that can facilitate proper nerve functioning and regulating blood pressure.

How much sodium in a tomato? – 700 mg per 8 ounce

5)Swiss chard: Featuring among the high sodium vegetables, Swiss chard is often recommended for their blood sugar regulating properties. It is usually a good source of sodium to include in a diet for individuals suffering from diabetes.

Sodium in Swiss chard

6)Artichokes: Half cup of marinated artichokes can offer upto 380 milligrams of sodium. It is a perfect vegetable for people suffering from low blood pressure, but the moderated intake is recommended.

7)Spinach: Sodium levels in foods such as spinach can help in raising the blood pressure. Further folate contributes towards reduction of hypertension and relaxes the blood vessels. Hence, along with potassium sodium helps in maintaining proper blood flow while reducing the stress over the cardiovascular system and promoting optimal functionality of the organ system.

Sodium in spinach (100gm) = 79 mg

8)Beet Green: Although beet green is a good source of high sodium food, the presence of potassium helps in curbing the excessive impacts of sodium for regulating the blood pressure.

Sodium in Beet Greens (100gm) = 78 mg

9)Olives: Sodium rich foods like olives are usually packaged in saltwater or brine. There is various health benefits like the potential to reduce risks associated with chronic diseases such as a heart disease or cancer. It can even fight inflammation and reduce the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Sodium in Olives: (100gm) = 735 mg

Other Foods High in Sodium

10)Pumpkin Seeds: Salted pumpkin seeds can offer a considerable amount of sodium to one’s diet. Moderated consumption can help to treat symptoms associated with overactive bladder. Other than that it aides in curing intestinal parasites, increasing testosterone, and countering depression & anxiety.

Pumpkin Seeds (per ounce) 711 mg

11)Cucumber (Pickle):A popular choice of pickle among Chinese, it can offer substantial amount of sodium. It can help in improving haemoglobin levels particularly in diabetic patients. It is also a good source of antioxidants and can aide in supply of probiotic or gut friendly bacteria.

Sodium in cucumber | (Pickle 65g) 785 mg

12)Soy Sauce: A single spoon of soy sauce can offer up to 335 milligrams of sodium. It offers all the basic benefits of sodium for carrying out regular bodily functions that includes regulation of blood pressure and nerve transmission.

Sodium in soy sauce:  (1 tbsp) = 409 mg

13)Tortilla Chips: One Ounce of Tortilla chips can deliver 88 milligrams of sodium. It can offer adequate amount of sodium required by the body per day. However, it needs to be moderated and other sources of sodium foods should be avoided along with it. It is a perfect source for boosting nutrients while adding minimal amount of calories.

Sodium in tortilla chips : Tortilla (6-inches) 200 mg

Some more sources for High Sodium Content

Chili powderClovesCelery seed
Coriander leafDillCurry powder

Non-Vegetarian Foods High in Sodium

14)Bacon: A powerhouse of sodium, bacon can help in controlling the fluid balance and promoting nerve function in the body. However, when having bacon as a part of diet, it is important to avoid eating other sodium rich foods on that particular day.

Sodium in bacon : (100gm) = 1,717 mg

15)Shrimps: A popcorn shrimp can offer 500 calories with a whopping 2100 milligrams of sodium. It is great source offering anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support.

Sodium in shrimp : (100gm) = 111 mg

16)Beef Jerky: A single ounce of beef jerky offers 590 milligrams of sodium. It can help in increasing fluid retention causing an elevation to the blood pressure. It can be recommended to people suffering from diabetes.

Sodium in beef jerky:  (100gm) = 2,081 mg

17)Oyster: Sodium is the only mineral that is present in oyster wherein a single tablespoon can offer over 492 mg of sodium. Oysters are perfect when on a weight loss program while the presence of sodium helps in better blood circulation and maintenance of the required levels of blood in the body.

Sodium in oysters: (100gm) = 417 mg

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