Foods High In Sugar

Looking for Natural Foods That Lower Blood Sugar? Read this article to know everything about Foods High In Sugar, Health Benefits & Consuming.

List of Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

All complex carbs are further broken down into sugar in the body. Carbohydrates are classified in many categories, one of them is sugars. Sugar helps in providing energy to the body and are further classified as monosaccharaides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. Moreover, natural sugars help in providing the required energy to the cell and the body. On the contrary high amount of sugar can lead to diabetes and several other health problems.

Sources of Foods For A Low Sugar Diet

Wondering how to reduce blood sugar without reducing your consumption of sweet foods?

  1. Fruits (apples, bananas)
  2. Low Sugar Vegetables (beets, carrots)
  3. Other sources of sugar (yogurt, sugarcane)

How Much Sugar Should I Eat Per day?

As per American Heart Association, the recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of sugar for men has been fixed at 37.5 grams i.e. 150 calories. For women, the RDA is 25 grams i.e. 100 calories.

Importance of Eating Foods To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

It is advised to adopt a low sugar diet, especially for diabetics. However, our body needs sugar for a number of reasons, some of them are:

  1. Supplies energy: Carbohydrates provide energy and sugar is full of carbs. Directly or indirectly, sugar helps in boosting metabolism. They also help in providing ATP to the cells.
  2. Supports memory: According to a research, it was found that sugar helps in improving memory and activates brain cells to work efficiently.
  3. Improves mood: Sugar even acts as a mood enhancer. They have the magical power that can make an angry man go calm.
  4. Treats hypoglycemia: It is necessary to keep your blood sugar levels in balance as less of the amount may lead to hypoglycemia. This results in vision problems and fast heartbeats.

On the contrary, excess sugar in food can give rise to hyperglycemia which may further lead to dry skin and blurred vision. This may even cause tooth decay, diabetes and obesity.

List of Foods to Lower Blood Sugar

Vegetables That Lower Blood Sugar (100g)
Carrots4.54 g
Sweet potato4.18 g
Chickpeas11 g
Beets6.76 g
Grape tomatoes3 g
Peas5.67 g
Fruits to Lower Blood Sugar (100g)
Apples10.39 g
Bananas12.23 g
Berries9.96 g
Sapodilla5.6 g
Oranges9.35 g
Grapes15.48 g
Watermelon6.2 g
Lychees15.23 g
Other Food Sources Good For Diabetic Diet (100g)
Vanilla beans17.4 g
Cinnamon2.17 g
Yogurt7.04 g
Almonds4.8 g
Sugarcane6.94 g
Foods High in Sugar/Alternatives to White Sugar
Raw honey82.12 g
Dates63.35 g
Jaggery98.13 g

Vegetables Low in Sugar

1) Carrots: Being rich in vitamin A, carrots can help to control your sugar cravings because of their natural sweetening properties. Being low in calories, they can be added in your daily diet as they provide numerous benefits.

Sugar in carrots: 4.54 g sugar per 100 g 

2) Sweet potato: Sweet potato is a good source of vitamin C which helps on improving immunity of your body. Along with this, its naturally sweet property helps in providing energy and is a great inclusion to any healthy blood sugar diet. Moderated intake can help in weight loss as well.

Sugar in sweet potato: 4.18 g sugar per 100g

3) Chickpeas: Chickpeas help in reducing stress and enhances your mood. Along with it, moderate amount of food can help in controlling diabetes. Therefore, the good sugars present in the food benefits your body.

Sugar in chickpeas: 11 g sugar per 100 g


4) Beets: Beets contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates that helps in boosting your energy levels. This even helps in increasing your efficiency level and can support treating macular degeneration and other health problems.

Sugar in beets: 6.76 g sugar per 100 g

5) Grape tomatoes: Grape or cherry tomatoes are good sources of vitamins and nutrients. Apart from this, their natural sweet property can help you solve your craving problems. It can be added in your salads or in your breakfast.

Sugar in grape tomatoes: 3 g sugar per 100 g


6) Peas: Although peas are considered to have high amount of carbohydrates than other green veggies, it can be added in your diet for effective blood sugar control.

Sugar in peas: 5.67 g sugar per 100 g

Fruits With The Least Sugar


7) Apples: Apples contain bulk of healthy nutrients and good calories making it the best food in a no sugar diet.

Sugar in apples: 10.39 g sugar per 100 g

8) Bananas: Bananas are the best choice to add sweetness in your diet inexpensively. Regular consumption can prevent several illnesses and can be one of the best natural ways to lower blood sugar.

Bananas sugar content: 12.23 g sugar per 100 g


9) Berries: Be it raspberries or blueberries, add them in your fruit salads and stay away from those sweet cravings. The fruit is loaded with several vitamins, natural sugar and minerals which can help in reducing blood sugar and fight cancer.

Sugar in berries: 9.96 g sugar per 100 g


10) Sapodilla: Sapodilla is another inexpensive way to go sweet for all the diet concerned people. Blend it with milk and add some dry nuts. With this you can start your day by adding natural sweetness to it.

Sugar in sapodilla: 5.6 g sugar per 100 g


11) Oranges: Sweet oranges are good to taste and low in calories as well. They can help in adding natural sugars to your body and make your taste buds enjoy the sweetness.

Sugar in oranges: 9.35 g sugar per 100 g


12) Grapes: Grapes are another great way to enjoy sweetness and being fit at the same time. Its splendid amount of vitamins and other nutrients help it to make a great breakfast to start your day.

Grapes sugar content: 15.48 g  sugar per 100 g


13) Watermelon: The succulent fruit is sweet in taste and less in calories. Its juice provides additional benefits to your skin and makes it suitable for a weight loss program. It is a preferred fruit for people suffering from diabetes.

Sugar in watermelon: 6.2 g sugar per 100 g


14) Lychees: With the richness of antioxidants, the fruit is naturally sweet and helps in strengthening your blood vessels. Along with it, the fruit also helps in controlling sugar levels.

Sugar in lychees: 15.23 g sugar per 100 g

Foods That Lower Sugar Levels

15) Vanilla beans: Its rich taste is useful and are beneficial for curing inflammation. The sweet taste of this extract is not only useful for baking, but it can be used in your favorite smoothies, yoghurt and breakfast as well.

Sugar in vanilla beans: 17.4 g sugar per 100 g

16) Cinnamon: It is used as a natural sweetening agent in your favorite foods. Besides being sweet, the food helps in fighting diabetes and inflammation.

Cinnamon sugar: 2.17 g sugar per 100 g


17) Yogurt: Ice creams can be replaced by yogurt. Although it’s naturally sweet in taste, you can add cinnamon powder or vanilla extract to give it a rich flavor. Yogurt helps in healing tissues and calming the entire system.

Yogurt sugar content: 7.04 g sugar per 100 g


18) Almonds: Almonds are recognized to be one of the healthiest as it is a solution to several problems and cravings as well. When eaten raw, they may not feel too sweet. Garnish them on your milkshakes, they will help in adding extra benefits to your body.

Sugar in almonds: 4.8 g sugar per 100 g


19) Sugarcane: Sugarcane is full of natural sweeteners which makes it low in GI (glycemic index). This makes it a super-food for diabetics. You can simply eat them raw or have it as a juice.

Sugarcane sugar: 6.94 g sugar per 100 g

Foods High in Sugar / Alternatives to White Sugar


20) Raw honey: Be it a natural face mask, medicine and sweetening agent, honey can do wonders. A spoonful of the ingredient makes it good enough to cure cough and cold, skin problems and diabetes. In addition, it helps in boosting metabolism as well.

Raw honey sugar content: 82.12 g 

21) Dates: These dark colored fruits can be added in your fruit salads or can be eaten raw. Apart from being sweet, dates provide beauty benefits to the skin as well.

Dates sugar: 63.35 g

22) Jaggery: Jaggery is habitually used as a natural sweetener. The variety of flavors makes it more beneficial than white sugar.

Jaggery sugar: 98.13 g

Some More Good Sources of Sugar

Winter squashOatmealPrunes
Agave nectarSteviaMaple syrup
Whole wheat breadBrown rice syrup

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