Pruritus Ani

What is Pruritus Ani?

Pruritis Ani is a condition in which there is a desire to scratch the area around the anus caused due to the irritation of the skin at the region nears the rectum. There may be inflammation in the anal area, due to which one may feel the desire to scratch. It is an allergic condition, often referred to as Pruritus Ani allergy.  It is also a fact that pruritus ani is a contagious disease. It is known as the Pruritus Ani contagious. It may also be due to the adverse reaction of chemicals in the stool. Itching in the anal region can be very intolerable at times, and causes immense discomfort to the patient. It is also known as Anusitis or the Swamps.

Pruritus Ani Symptoms

The primary symptom of Pruritus ani involves direct itching in the anus or in that of the skin that surrounds it. This itching is accompanied by a very strong urge to scratch. Sometimes skin changes may also occur such as hyperemia, excoriations, thickening, lichenificaton and abrasions. This itching may also be accompanied by a burning sensation, and it may sometimes also cause soreness. It may either be a temporary condition, or may be a persistent problem. Some of the possible symptoms of Pruritus ani are:

  • Itching in the anal region
  • Discomfort that mat include burning or soreness
  • General pain in the rectal area.

When the itching is persistent, the skin around the anis may turn red. In worst possible circumstances, it may cause tenderness of the skin and may cause the skin to become thick and leathery. There may also be breaks in the anal skin and which will lead to some local infections which may turn out to be very painful.

Pruritus Ani Causes

Anal itching is primarily caused due to some irritating chemicals that may have reached the body through the intake of certain food substances such as spices, sauce and peppers. Chronic Pruritus ani may also be caused due to the presence of excess moisture in the anal region due to frequent liquid stools, incontinence or diarrhea. There is an increased possibility of anal infection due to the presence of moisture.

The main causes of itching Pruritus may be classified in the following categories:

  • Mechanical Causes – These are the physical causes of Pruritus ani. Since the skin around the anus is very sensitive, anything that causes irritation in this region causes itching here. Frequent stools, diarrhea and constipation may cause pressure in this area which may ultimately result in itching.
  • Chemical Causes – It may be the result of acidic digestive products in the stool. If someone frequently scrubs this region with soap and water then the problem may be exaggerated.
  • Dermatological Causes – Use of excessive soap and water, synthetic under wears or scented papers may cause irritant contact dermatitis and inflammation in the perennial skin.
  • Biological Causes – When there is excess of moisture in this region, it provides a good media for the development of bacteria or yeast. One of the bacterial infections known as Erythrasma, caused by Corynebacterium minutissium os one of the major cause for Pruritus ani.
  • Systemic Causes – There are certain systemic diseases that are associated with Pruritus ani. These diseases include pellagra, diabetes mellitus, lymphoma and hypovitaminosis A and D.
  • Psychological Causes – Some individuals may experience perennial itching due to excessive anxiety and depressive illness.

Pruritus Ani Foods to Avoid

  • Pruritus ani may be caused in certain individuals due to the consumption of certain food, drinking alcohol or due to smoking. The foods that should be avoided so as to cure pruritus ani is:
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Tomato products such as ketchup
  • Nuts and chocolates
  • Cheese
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Milk products.

Pruritus Ani Diet

Pruritus Ani is known as the “Space-age” disease as it is turning out to be very common these days. To cure this disease, the diet of the person may be altered a little so s to accommodate more friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus in the diet. People with this disease should try and avoid high alkaline foods from their diet. Certain types of fermentable foods, such as citrus juice, beer, carbonated drinks and wine should also be included in their diet. The patient should also get into a habit of taking in a dilute vinegar solution before bedtime.

Pruritus Ani Vegetable

There are certain vegetables that are helpful in reducing the itching effect of this disease. The patient should take in a lot of fibrous vegetables. The fruits the vegetables that are being consumed should be particularly rich in vitamin C. Pruritus ani vitamin C is very essential. Vitamin A is also required as it acts as an inflammatory agent.

Pruritus Ani in Children

There are cases when children develop itching in their bottom. This is a cause of tension to parents sometimes. The cause of itching in children is pinworms. These worms are about 1 to 2 cm long, and are mostly prevalent in the school going children. Sometimes, the case of anal itching can merely be due to excessive sweating or poor hygiene. The best way to get rid of this condition id to maintain proper hygiene in children, keeping their nails short, changing their clothes in proper time and keeping them as clean as possible.

Pruritus Ani Treatment

If this disease is found in the patient, then he may have to follow a specific medical procedure for this treatment. There are many types of treatment for Pruritus Ani. Some people may try their treatment procedure with antibiotics. There are certain powerful antibiotics that work against some bacterial species. There are certain broad spectrum antibiotics like tetracyclines, erythromycin which help in the curbing the anal itch.

If this disease is detected, then the patient can follow the following treatment procedure:

  • He can use a steroid cream if eczema is formed around the anus
  • In some cases, an antifungal Pruritus Ani cream also seems to help
  • If the patient has some conditions like haemorrhoids or anal fissure around the site of infection, then medical treatment is required.
  • If threadworms are a cause of your infection, then a medicine will help you.

If a specific cause is not detected, then there are certain general treatment techniques that a person can follow:

  • He should avoid the potential irritants
  • Hygiene around the anus should be given special attention
  • Care must be taken that there is not excessive moisture around the anus
  • You may also consult the doctor to give you a short course medicine

Once you follow these measures, the itching will stop. However, if you feel that the itching is persisting for 3 or more weeks, then definitely refer to a specialist. You may go through some tests to make sure that the known cause is not missed. One of the newly searched treatments for this condition is that of the application of the capsaicin cream. Capsaicin helps in the cure of this disease since it blocks a chemical in the body that is responsible for the sensation of pain and that of itching. New treatment procedure is being continuously researched for.

Pruritus Ani Medication

There are some local anesthetics that are taken to get some temporary pruritus ani relief from this condition. These medicines relieve temporarily pain, itching and the burning sensation. These local anesthetics include:

  • Tetracaine
  • Benzocaine
  • Relief, Protoco Foam Non-steroid

Pruritus Ani Home Remedy

There are some Pruritus Ani natural remedies that are effective and very easy to follow. These home remedies provide an excellent solution to the problem of itching and burning. That most simple method of treating this disease is the use of over the counter hydrocortisone creams and petroleum jelly that can help in curing this disease. Petroleum jelly offers a very soothing effect, and thereby eases the pain and the itching effect.

Pruritus Ani Surgery

Generally there is no need of surgical treatment for the cure of Pruritus Ani. This is like the last resort. If all other treatments fail, then only surgery is recommended. It is never considered an emergency. Usually the medicines that are prescribed turn out to be successful in curing this condition.

Pruritus Ani Prognosis

It is easy to treat this disease if its cause is identified. Generally people respond well to any kind of treatment. However it may be a serious problem to some people. Those who have already had Pruritus ani in the past are more prone to this disease in future. Therefore adequate precautions must be taken.

Pruritus Ani is definitely not a fatal condition, as it does not lead to any harmful effects on life. But it is definitely a very embarrassing condition, as the person feels the desire to scratch and itch, and very often it is an uncontrollable condition. Therefore treatment should be started at the initial stage so that one does not have to go through any kind of embarrassment and irritation.

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