What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

So you are trying to kick the butt and hoping that e-cigarettes will deliver you from the habit? Know what Electronic Cigarettes are before you go for them.

What are E-Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices that are seen as an alternative to actual cigarettes consisting of tobacco. An e-cigarette looks like a narrow cylindrical tube. It is just like a normal cigarette but consists of less of its harmful properties.

Electronic Cigarette Components

An electronic cigarette consists of four main components, an LED light cover on top, a rechargeable battery that consists of several electronic circuits, an atomizer or heating element and a mouthpiece that is also known as the Electronic Cigarette cartridge.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The cartridge is the main element of the cigarette and contains a solution known as Electronic Cigarette e liquid. It consists of chemicals like nicotine and propylene glycol. The atomizer draws on battery power and heats up the Electronic Cigarette juice. When a smoker sucks on the end of the mouthpiece a vapor comes out from the heated Electronic Cigarette liquid nicotine solution and enters the mouth of the person. The person feels like smoking a normal cigarette.

Is an Electronic Cigarette Dangerous?

Electronic Cigarette dangers are far less than traditional cigarettes. An e-cigarette is devoid any of the toxic elements like Carbon Monoxide, Tar or Tobacco that are found in an actual cigarette and cause damage to the lungs. There is no yellowing of teeth or bad breath either. But there are a few Electronic Cigarette disadvantages that prevent health experts from recommending it to smokers. In Electronic Cigarette nicotine solution can be replaced with intoxicating drugs that can be very harmful for health. More on e-cigarette dangers and side effects.

Electronic Cigarette History

The e-cigarette was invented in 2003 by Hon Lik, a Chinese chemist. It was released into the Chinese market in the following year. Since 2005, it began to be marketed overseas by Golden Dragon Holdings, the company where Hon Lik was employed.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

Green Smoke, Luci, Modern Vapor and Blu are some of the reputed e-cigarette brands. There are also some popular newbies like Crown 7. Gamucci was the first Electronic Cigarette Company in Europe.

Electronic Cigarette Cost

A pack of e-cigarette costs lesser than a pack of traditional cigarettes. On an average, a pack of 5 e-cigarettes are available at approximately $6.50. Each cartridge is equal to 20 normal cigarettes.

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