Zipper Piercing on Tongue

Going for a Zipper Piercing on tongue? Before you try out such a perforation, it is better that you know all about it. Read all about Zipper Piercing, how it is done and how to care for the pierced area.

What Is Zipper Piercing?

Zipper Piercing is a unique form of body piercing on the mouth. It is actually carried out on the tongue. It is one of the weirdest body piercings and is quite in fashion among many young girls in the US.

Is Zipper Piercing Real Or Fake?

Is the tongue Zipper Piercing real? Or is Zipper Piercing fake? Zipper Piercing is often believed to be nothing more than a Photoshop trick. Zipper Piercing pictures are thought to be a maneuovre of Web Designers who are adept at using Photoshop to create startling images. They are dismissed as fake. But Zipper Piercing is actually possible.

Though many pictures of Zipper Piercing on tongue looks like you can pull the zip to close the split ends of the tongue together, it is not actually possible. Zipper Piercing is done by simple piercing of the tongue.

Body Piercing has been quite popular in the US for over two decades now. Zipper Tongue Piercing is considered to be one of the weirdest fashion statements. Zipper Piercing is also quite in fashion among youngsters.

How Is Zipper Piercing Done?

The process is usually carried out in reputed piercing parlors. Fix an appointment with a reputed tattoo and piercing parlor that provides safe services to clients.

Show up on the exact day at the right hour. This will help you get the full attention of a professional piercer. You will have to sign a form expressing your consent about undergoing the process. You may also have to show a valid document that establishes your identity.

Once the paperwork is done, the piercer will give you a brief idea about the entire process. You will be asked to choose jewelry for the area. Generally, piercers chose a bar with balls attached on either end. The actual process begins after you have chosen an anchor for yourself.

The tongue will be sterilized with an antibacterial solution and freezed with a spray. It will probably be fixed with a clamp to secure in position.

A long needle will then be inserted through the tongue with the tongue bar attached to its end. When the needle goes through the tongue completely, the bar will remain inside the tongue with two balls fixed to either ends of it.

The piercer will then clean your tongue again. He or she will give you some aftercare instructions. The directions will probably be handed over to you in the form of a printed manual. The process reportedly takes less than 10 minutes to perform.

Does Zipper Piercing Hurt?

The process is said to be a painless one as the tongue is freezed and numbed before perforation. But the pierced area may hurt badly when sensation is restored to it after sometime.

Zipper Piercing Prices

Zipper Piercing cost is said to be around 4.99 USD. But the actual cost may depend on where you get it from.

Zipper Piercing Jewelry

Zipper Piercing tongue is usually decorated with a bar having two balls attached to either of its ends. It may be gold or titanium. It is best to consult your piercer about the type of jewelry you should use if you have allergy from gold or similar metals.

Zipper Piercing Aftercare

You should not eat or drink a hot food or fluid for 6 hours after having this piercing. If you are dying of hunger, you should only eat soft foods or cold soups.

Mix a tsp of sea salt with 8 ounces of water in a glass. Rinse your mouth with this solution. Regularly rinse your mouth with salt water for a month after your piercing session. The salt water washes should be ideally carried out daily in the morning and also in the evening.

You should also avoid injuring your tongue after piercing. Avoid extremely spicy foods and hot drinks. You should also refrain from playing with the jewelry in your tongue. Fiddling with the jewelry can make the wound fresh once again and can also give rise to infection.

Zipper Piercing Healing Time

A Zipper Piercing is said to take about the same time as a tongue piercing. It reportedly takes around a month or two to heal completely.

Zipper Piercing Dangers

Some of the main Zipper Piercing risks are infection and bleeding. Failure to rinse mouth properly after piercing sessions can cause infection of the tongue. It can result in redness and inflammation of the tongue.

Zipper Piercing can also cause bleeding in the gums. In very severe cases, these can give rise to brain abscesses resulting in very serious brain damage.

You can also risk having a chipped tooth due to a Zipper Piercing. This happens as the tooth scrapes against the hard metal jewelry inside the mouth.

Consider all the pros and cons if you are going for a Zipper Piercing. It is also advisable that you get it done from a reputed piercing parlor. It will ensure that the process is accurately done and also make sure that you remain safe after perforation. Body Piercing is quite an enjoyable process if safely done and it ultimately depends on you to ensure its success.

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