Prostate Milking

First things first, prostate milking means prostate massage. It is done so that it could stimulate sexual emotions. It could also be medically beneficial for you. One needs to understand that the secret to the whole term, ‘prostate milking’ is simply prostate massage. Secondly, you need to think why your body needs it. When you opt for it as a medical performance, you need to ponder about its need. The procedure needs to be done extremely carefully, with patience and step by step. Lastly, you need to understand that even though it’s beneficial, if done incorrectly, you may end up with internal and external injuries, which is why you need to consult a medical practitioner especially if notice that something is unusual.

Prostate Milking

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking has some pleasure spots which if done correctly leads to immense sexual pleasure. Have a look:

  1. Lots of (read millions) emotions inducing nerves connect your prostate gland in the anal to the genitalia in front, hence massaging or milking the prostate gland would stimulate sexual pleasure as it becomes sensitive. This happens because the nerves tend to become sensitive when you massage them.
  2. How a man’s brain works is still and enigma, a mystery unsolved. It works in those ways and when we talk about it, there are psychological barriers in the picture. So when a man is in this vulnerable position, it may act as a pleasure source. Quite obviously, the physical pleasure of the activity is continuous and always welcome, so when this comes along, the psychological pleasure derived from this acts as a pleasant add-on.
  3. It’s a well known fact that the penis for men is an organ of strong sexual pleasure, except, of course from other necessities. Now we also know that for men, the penis shaft has about one-third portion inside the body. While prostate milking, when the penis is pressed, it leads to arousal of sexual, pleasurable sensations and feelings.
  4. The process of prostate milking does not actually include coming in direct contact with the prostate gland because we only reach the rear end which is a very thin layer membrane. Prostate gland’s rear end is separated by this very thin layered membrane. In spite of that, the heightened pleasure achieved can be called as close to the feeling of ejaculation.

The procedure of preparation for Prostate Milking:

Whenever there is any intimate activity being done, there are always rules and norms. Like any other intimate activity, Prostate Milking is no exception. We want the process to be relaxing and pleasing, not to get things complicated. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to keep some things handy so everything goes smoothly.

For the procedure to get done successfully, there are some ground rules and it’s always good to have some assistance. Here are some simple, handy things you can work with – a lubricant, for making the process smooth and a latex kind of a surgical glove. A quick tip- make sure that your lubrication gel is water based. Cleanliness and hygiene of both the receiver and the giver should be a prime priority, to avoid things like not tearing the membrane or scratching the skin. The surgical gloves are used strictly so that its soft latex won’t tear up the fragile membrane. We use the lubricant just to smoothen the process and see to it that there are no obstructions.

It’s important to note that you can benefit from the activity only if you’re calm and relaxed. Here’s a fact – if your prostate is stressed or tensed, you’ll not get any benefit from the procedure of massaging it. For it to actually give results, you need to calm down your nerves. A steaming, hot bath or an oil massage, especially the hot oil one should help you relax your body muscles around along with the prostate gland. It will calm down your prostate gland and prep it for the massage.

The complete breakdown of step-by-step procedure of prostate milking:

The best position for the giver and the receiver for maximum results is to face each other. This will also ensure a much greater level of intimacy.

The 7-step procedure for a successful prostate massage:

  1. Firstly, the receiver has to get undressed. Then after, they need to take a seat in a way that they have a proper back support. Next, make sure that both the receiver and the giver face other, upfront. It is advisable to do so as it has a greater chance at intimacy. Let the receiver sit in a way where their legs are stretched in front of the giver. It is important to note that the back support must sustain the weight of the receiver when you recline in a way the body can slide ahead for a few inches. Now, bring your folded knees close the chest and lock them.
  2. The giver’s position has to be right in front of the receiver with a complete access to the latter’s genitalia. This also includes the anal area. If the giver kneels down in front of the giver or if they manage to cross their legs in front of the receiver, it should work just fine.
  3. To get the receiver in a proper mood, go for massaging their lower body. This is crucial as it will help them relax and help the giver get to the next steps of the procedure. One may or may not keep their eyes open during the act, but if you manage to keep them open, an eye contact will always help increase the intimacy level.
  4. This is where you begin moving forward towards the actual procedure. If both the receiver and the giver are equally aroused, this marks as a good time to begin with the process. Take the latex glove, wear it, and then apply the lubricant directly on the anal area. This will help smoothen the region. Even the application of lubricant could be arousing, given how it is applied, how carefully it is done, how patient the giver is while being at it and if or not they do it in nice, circular motions.
  5. Remember, to create the path for prostate massage, one needs to be extremely careful and be at ease as well. Directly poking a finger in the anal region would cause extreme pain, which is why you should keep massaging around it using the lubricant. Gently apply some pressure for getting more access to your fingers. Timing, patience and care – these are the keys here.
  6. You’ll find the anal region being ready, then, take a finger upwards 2 inches within. Here, you’ll find the prostate gland which will feel like oblong protuberance. You can now apply pressure for sensations and pleasurable feelings. It totally depends on the low or high pressure you apply, as to how the receiver likes it. To get them to the greatest pleasure level, you can keep massaging the genitalia meanwhile. It is important to note that if this is properly done, it can get the feelings similar to an ejaculation. An important thing for the giver to understand here is that the moment when the receiver’s body is ready, they won’t feel any pain or discomfort. It will also be easy for you to fit in your finger at this point. Remember to not randomly move your finger because the receiver’s anal sphincters are still in the process of getting comfortable to the finger. You can always keep adding more lubricant for better results.
  7. Now is the time for the last step. At the height of this feeling, the giver should insert finger carefully and exit repetitively, in a rhythmic manner for nerve endings’ stimulation. This is when the receiver will climax even though there is no direct linking of genitalia here. To get there, the giver can assist in this process with the other free hand. Once again, genitalia is not at all involved here while the giver is milking prostate for stimulation of sensations.

There’s one more way of doing this – here, the giver is at the back, seated, while the receiver will be kneeling and resting on elbows with buttocks up, giving full access to the giver. The entire process of prostate milking will remain the same, only the position is a bit different. Again, there are some important things to be kept in mind:

  1. Utter carefulness so as to not break the fragile prostate gland membrane. This can lead to some serious damage.
  2. Hemorrhoids inflammation or enlargement can be caused by prostate milking.
  3. In case you have acute prostatis, avoid it completely as it can lead to blood poisoning.
  4. If you have prostate cancer, do not go for prostate milking or else the cancerous cells will spread throughout the body.
  5. Small, gritty stones called Prostatic calculi are present in the prostate gland. They may be a reason of causing scratches on the membranes.

To conclude, keeping in mind the instructions, one should definitely go for prostate milking as it has so many benefits for your body.

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