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As part of showing appreciation, we at Hxbenefit.com came up with an Essay competition, where all students associated with our page are eligible to compete for a scholarship worth $2,000.

This is for every student out there, whether you are in high school, graduated high or an undergraduate; here is your chance to get that tuition fee load off you by applying to win $2,000.

The Scholarship Program Topic

HxBenefit – Scholarship Program

HxBenefit – Scholarship Program

It’s that time of the year again where we announce the scholarship program of $2000 introduced by us at Hxbenefit.com.

The program topic is “Positive Thinking , Advantage Social Media for Growing a Small Business“. Only high school students, graduate, and undergraduate are eligible to compete for the grand prize of $2,000.

Business marketing has diverged from the traditional system of radio and television to just straight out social media. It is much easier to send a tweet and engage your audience than to do a radio jingle where you spend hundreds of dollars just to get your product known and yet, still not sure how much of a result you will get.

This is why every business is moving to social media where it is free or next to nothing cheap and the results are massive.

In your own words of not less than 600 tell us “Positive Thinking , Advantage Social Media for Growing a Small Business” and stand a chance to win $2000.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship program is eligible only for the students who are currently studying in;

  • High school, college, and university students.
  • Or Students currently studying in any department.

Program Deadline

You must have your article ready and submitted on or before June 30, 2018.

Our team will have the articles vetted and graded thoroughly, then announce the winner on July 1, 2018. The winner of $2000 will have the money delivered by July 5, 2018. 

How to Apply:

  • Personal Information (Full Name, Phone number, and Address).
  • Name of the School/College/University.
  • Your Study Area
  • Student Id or any document that can prove you are Student.
  • In your own words write something creative and informative on  Positive Thinking , Advantage Social Media for Growing a Small BusinessThe article should be engaging and not less than 600 words.
  • Submit your essay by emailing us at scholarships@Hxbenefit.com with the subject “Hxbenefit Student Scholarship”

Thank you again for being a regular on Hxbenefit.com. Your presence here means the world to us.

We look forward to getting our inbox bombarded with your essays.

UPDATE: Our Winner is Kfir Cohen (University of Miami) , CONGRATULATION KFIR!

We would like to thank everyone for your applications!


And the winner is: Kfir Cohen!