Ear Wax Removal

Excess wax accumulation in the ears may lead to itching, pain and even loss of hearing. Removing ear wax is necessary in such cases. Read on to know how to remove ear wax blockage safely and the various ways available to do so.

What Is Ear Wax?

It is a natural product that protects the ear skin from infection and damage by water. This develops from wax glands located in the outer ear canal. Wear wax also forms oil, sweat and dead skin. The fibrous component Keratin derived from the dead skins is the main component of ear wax.

Ear Wax Types

There are two types of ear wax. These are

Dry Ear Wax

Dry wax is quite common in Asian people. Lipid (fat) constitutes about 20% of dry wax. It is also known as “Rice-Bran Wax”. Dry ear wax is associated with lower frequency of breast cancer.

Wet Ear Wax

Fat constitutes about 50% of this substance.  Wet wax can be hard or soft.

Is Ear Wax Normal?

Yes it is a normal substance composed of bodily materials. It is not a result of abnormal dirt accumulation or infection. However, having too much or too little ear wax can increase susceptibility towards infection.

Most people disregard ear wax as a gross substance that is similar to dirt. But it has an important function. It has a protective function to ensure the health of the ear. It cleans and lubricates the ear and saves the ear canal from microbial organisms like bacteria and fungus.

Ear Wax Removal Home Remedy

Some of the best home remedies for ear wax removal are :

Warm oil

Warm a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil or olive oil. For ear wax removal olive oil is one of the best remedies. Carefully pour a few drops of this oil into the ear canal and lie on your side. Let the oil remain for a few seconds to let it melt the wax in the ear. Lie on the other side to let the oil flow out of your ear into a clean cloth. You can sprinkle a few drops of clean water into the ear and wipe with a clean cloth to remove all traces of wax, oil and water. Take care that you pour warm oil and not hot oils.

Ear Drops

Ear drops can liquefy the wax in the ear canal and clear out ear problems. You can get many ear wax removal products that can treat earaches in swimmers as well as people in general. These solutions can naturally drain out of the ears. Ear wax removal drops are available in grocery store or pharmacy corner of departmental stores.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Pour three to four drops of Hydrogen Peroxide into the canal of the ear for about a week. For patients who want to do home ear wax removal Hydrogen Peroxide can be quite useful. It can clear out the wax in a smooth, painless manner.

Rubberized Bulb

In impacted ear wax removal can be possible with rubberized bulb. This product is also used to flush out wax from the inside of the ear.


In some cases, glycerin or even mineral oil may be used as a substitute for ear drops. These are used as ear wax removal home remedies.

Cotton swab is often used by people for ear wax removal at home. This may damage the soft internal structures of the ear and lead to complications. In worse cases, it may even puncture the ear drum. It is not advisable to use your fingers for clearing ear wax. This can push wax deeper into the ear and lead to a blockage that is more difficult to remove.

Safe Ear Wax Removal

Doctors with necessary experience often use pressurized water to remove ear wax. In some cases, light suction is used to vacuum the ear. A wire loop may be used beneath a strong headlamp to gently clear out the wax.

Best Ear Wax Removal Methods

The two ways that are used most commonly for removing ear wax are


In this process, a doctor gently sprinkles a saline solution or a jet of water into the affected ear with the help of a syringe. The injected solution softens the wax and causes it to fall or drain out of the ear. The process may be required for multiple times before the wax blockage can be resolved. For best results, irrigation therapy should be done immediately after pouring ear drops into ear canal.

Curette Scraping

This method requires removal of excess wax with the aid of a small-sized, scoop-shaped apparatus known as a Curette. The ear wax removal tool is softly entered into the affected ear canal to scoop out the wax that has caused a blockage.

Ear Wax Removal Products

Some of the common ear wax removal tools available in the market are

Ear wax removal syringe

These are filled with hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Gently injecting this into the ear canal softens ear wax and helps remove it.

Ear wax removal drops

Pouring a few drops of these solutions can melt the wax and clear them away after some time. These can naturally go away from the ear after some time.

Ear Pick and Curette

These tools can physically scoop out accumulated wax from the ear canal and help in removing blockage.

Rubber Bulb Ear Syringe

These syringes are used to clear out wax very easily. The tool is very effective in providing fast relief from ear wax. However, Acu-life syringes are generally considered safer than rubber bulb ones.

Ear Wax Removal Candle

These are cone shaped instruments that are generally made of cotton or linen and hardened by soaking into liquid wax. This is a safe ear wax removal method.

Cotton Swabs

These are only recommended to be used in cleaning the external ear. Using them for internal ear remedy can only push wax deeper into the canal.

Over the counter ear wax removal can be enough to provide relief from mild cases. But severe cases need treatment by expert medical professionals. If you are suffering from ear wax problems, do not neglect it and start immediate home remedies. Seek professional medical care if the symptoms refuse to go away. Early cure will ensure faster recovery and provide you with relief from discomforts and future complications.

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